The Dolce Vita perfume by Dior

The Dolce Vita perfume by Dior
The Dolce Vita perfume by Dior

Dolce Vita, a fragrance full of optimism

La Dolce Vita instinctively evokes Italy. It must be said that this country is particularly dear to Christian Dior. Besides this famous European boot, the Dolce Vita also connotes a very cheerful and optimistic feeling. This perfume has only one ambition: to make life a dream! It is a compendium of seduction and gives us the portrait of a radiant woman. Similar to a pretty smile, it is both flirtatious and communicative. With him, all the senses are in turmoil. Dolce Vita is a fragrance that seems to give you wings with a simple breath. It is a concentrate of happiness that is both solar and greedy. Dolce Vita makes you want to get away from it all and travel the world with a cheerful step. It is like a gluttony nibble in the sun. With him, life flows humming. Dolce Vita is a real antidote against gloom.

The floral and woody flight of Dior in a solar and crystalline bottle

Dolce Vita is characterized by a lively and sparkling surge of bergamot and rosewood. Then, Dior takes us to a more feminine and floral universe. He associates the lily and the magnolia with more greedy fruits. Apricot and vine peach give us their fleshy and velvety sweetness. Woods and spices also enhance this fragrance. Dolce Vita consists of sandalwood, cedar, cinnamon and cardamom. Finally, it ends with a sweet alliance of patchouli, vetiver and vanilla. Presented in a rounded bottle, Dolce Vita is a real sun. Crystalline drops decorate its walls and create a kind of kaleidoscope. Finally, its liquid gold-colored nectar conveys a precious sensation.

Perfume of happiness, Dolce Vita evokes the carefreeness and joie de vivre of cabriolet rides on the Italian Riviera.

Dolce Vita

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This dazzling feminine fragrance, with joyful fruity and floral notes and spicy and sensual accents of cedar, embodies the spirit of Dior in all its splendor.

Dolce Vita Eau de Toilette is a spicy woody floral scent. The expression of happiness and the joy of living.

The white or cream flowers of the Magnolia have the delicate shape of a star. They have a strong floral fragrance with vanilla accents. Magnolia is wonderfully the top notes of Dolce Vita.

Cinnamon is the oldest of the spices. Cultivated in Ceylon, it is present in spicy and oriental scents. Known for its stimulating virtues, its timeless scent is found in the composition of the heart notes of Dolce Vita.

Originally from the United States, the essence of cedar is obtained by steam distillation. Its fine and noble scents are used as a base note on many male perfumes where they deliver their energetic and full-bodied scents.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory Family: Floral – Woody – Spicy

Head Notes: Magnolia Accord.

Heart Notes: Cinnamon.

Base notes: Cedar.

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