Nina Ricci gives us a new ad for her Bella perfume

Nina Ricci gives us a new ad for her Bella perfume
Nina Ricci gives us a new ad for her Bella perfume

Nina Ricci unveils her new ad for the Bella fragrance

Nina Ricci is considered one of the most romantic and poetic brands on the planet. It must be said that the brand has been shining all over the world since 2006 thanks to its enchanting fragrance named Nina . Yes but now, recently, the beautiful is accompanied by two other acolytes: Luna and Bella. The recent release of the Bella perfume was also an opportunity for Nina Ricci to accompany it with a brand new advertisement. So let’s see in more detail what the latest advertising campaign for the Bella perfume has in store for us.

The new muses of Nina Ricci

First of all, as you have no doubt noticed, the house of Nina Ricci has totally transformed its three heroines. Brunette Monika Jagaciak and blonde Frida Gustavsson, playing Luna and Nina respectively, have disappeared. They gave way to two new muses. Now the romantic Nina in a pink dress is played by a German model named Estella Boersma. Luna, in blue, more mysterious, is played by the French-Tunisian model, musician and actress Sonia Ben Ammar. Finally, Bella, the new girl in a green dress, seems tailor-made for Barbara Palvin, a Hungarian model already well known on the haute couture catwalks.

Bella takes us to a wonderful universe

All three appear in a new television spot directed by Eugénio Recueno. This clip takes place on the famous musical band “Comic Strip” by Serge Gainsbourg, composed in 1967 and performed in duet with Brigitte Bardot. The sassy lyrics of this song fit perfectly with Bella’s personality and help us discover her world. The advertisement takes place in the shade of a white tree under which Nina and Luna rest, in the company of their animals: an owl and a doe. The atmosphere is particularly dreamlike. Straight out of a lake, Bella joins them in the company of her wolf and immediately proves daring, climbing the magic tree to seize the forbidden fruit: a green apple, the bottle of the new Bella perfume by Nina Ricci.

Nina Ricci bets on an offbeat campaign

At the same time, as if to strengthen her reputation among young audiences, Nina Ricci also relied on a digital campaign carried out by the communication agency Rosbeef. Very followed on social networks thanks to the hashtag #PrincessLife, the latter diverts the classic codes of fairy tales. From now on, the coach becomes a VTC, the princesses wear sneakers and the magic mirror has disappeared in favor of selfies. The crown, meanwhile, casually falls on the heads of the princesses, a key symbol metamorphosed by Brazilian illustrator Ana Strumpf, also an interior designer and designer. The atmosphere is confusing but could not be more attractive!

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