This Is Us! Eau de Toilette Zadig & Voltaire

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This Is Us! Eau de Toilette Zadig & Voltaire is a 2020 Oriental Woody Cologne by Zadig & Voltaire for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Mathilde Bijaoui . Top notes are Vanilla. Middle notes are Sandalwood. Base notes are Patchouli, Musk.

This Is Us! Eau de Toilette Zadig & Voltaire
This Is Us! Eau de Toilette Zadig & Voltaire


This Is Us: The new fragrance for men and women from Zadig & Voltaire

With a strong temperament and an indomitable character, he therefore imagined two contradictory and complementary fragrances, in 2016. Named This is Her and This is Him , these juices are now merging to give birth to a new, more universal composition. Focus on This Is Us Eau de Toilette.

This Is Us Eau de Toilette, a fragrance synonymous with sharing

With This Is Us Eau de Toilette by Zadig & amp; Voltaire, forget about gender or age. This fragrance is intended for both men and women. It intends to appeal to all generations. Moreover, according to him, it simply unites all the members of the Zadig & amp; Voltaire tribe, an eternally young tribe, advocating freedom above all. This Is Us Eau de Toilette units all of us with generosity and recklessness, affirming a relaxed lifestyle. A pledge of sharing, this fragrance simply supports the desire to be happy together, no matter where we come from or where we are going.

The very “street” bottle of This Is Us

< p> Visually, This Is Us by Zadig & amp; Voltaire is very contemporary. In an urban spirit, he is inspired by his predecessors while having a personality of his own. Thus, he completely abandons the black and white of his elders, this time betting on crystalline glass. The latter is decorated with very symbolic words, inscribed in black capital writing. You will be able to read the expressions “No Generation”, “Freedom” or even “Forever Young”. Likewise, a yellow border reinforces its electrifying and modern side. Finally, its side faces are irregular, drawing a break already well known to regulars of Zadig & amp; Voltaire.

This Is Us Eau de Toilette by Zadig & amp; Voltaire, a breath of vanilla on the skin

This Is Us Eau de Toilette was designed by perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui. Designed like a cashmere sweater that can be worn on bare skin, a Zadig & amp; Voltaire fashion hallmark, This Is Us contains sulfurous vanilla and Cashemran. Added to this is also more milky sandalwood. For more character and persistence, This Is Us by Zadig & amp; Voltaire ends with a duo of musk and patchouli. Finally, note that you can add two different boosters to it. “This is Freedom” will bring you a more aromatic breath, while “This is Hapiness” further amplifies its solar side.
In terms of capacity, This Is Us by Zadig & amp; Voltaire is available in three vaporizers of different sizes. It is available in bottles of 30, 50 or 100 ml.

Spurred on by Cécilia Bönström , artistic director of Zadig & amp; Voltaire, the brand presents its latest creation: This Is Us Eau de Toilette. Released in 2021, this juice is described as a unisex fragrance, intended for “a group of friends, women, men, teenagers, children”. Beyond genres, ages and cultures, This Is Us Eau de Toilette deploys in its wake a carefree spirit, the affirmation of a relaxed lifestyle. So, how does this concretely materialize on the olfactory level? Analysis of the raw materials contained in This Is Us Eau de Toilette.

When the previous sandalwood gives way to vanilla

This Is Us Water of Toilette is a perfume that is very strongly inspired by its elders, This is Her and This is Him. Like them, he retains the rebellious and rock ‘n’ roll spirit of the Zadig & amp; Voltaire, advocating the freedom to live as we see fit and relaxation. Thus, like these two previous species, it contains sandalwood. Milky and enveloping, this gives this fragrance a soft and velvety texture. However, he is no longer the central element but only appears here in the base notes of this composition. Sandalwood now beats in contact with the bewitching pulsations of vanilla. From the orchid and very exotic raw material, this one plunges us into an intoxicating and heavenly elsewhere, from the top notes of This Is Us Eau de Toilette. However, far from fading over the hours, it is the common thread throughout this fragrance. It only reinforces the sweet and tempting side of this juice. With her, Zadig & amp; Voltaire clearly offers us a sexy essence.

Cashemran, another star ingredient of This Is Us

Always in a very enveloping and caressing register, Zadig & amp; Voltaire chooses to add Cashemran to his composition. With him, it is a question of evoking cashmere, a material so adored by Zadig & amp; Voltaire. Indeed, the brand offers many sweaters designed in this fabric, worn next to the skin and enveloping the body with their incomparable softness. Like them, This Is Us Eau de Toilette glides with delight over bare skin, further amplifying the sensual aspect of this fragrance.

The additional touches contained in This Is Us Eau de Toilette

Finally, in its base, This Is Us Eau de Toilette also incorporates patchouli, a woody ingredient, here serving as a framework for the whole of this fragrance, while increasing its persistence. Likewise, some musks reinforce its animal side.
In parallel, note that you can perfectly add to This Is Us the boosters offered by Zadig & amp; Voltaire, so as to slightly modify the rendering. By combining it with the fragrance “This is Freedom”, you will obtain a more aromatic scent. The other fragrance “This is Hapiness” gives it a more solar breath.

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