Stronger With You Armani Eau de Toilette

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Stronger With You Armani Eau de Toilette is a 2017 Aromatic Fougere Cologne by Armani for man. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Cecile Matton . Top notes are Cardamom, Pink Pepper, Violet leaf. Middle notes are Clary sage. Base notes are Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cedar.

Stronger With You Armani Eau de Toilette
Stronger With You Armani Eau de Toilette


Giorgio Armani and his Stronger with You men’s fragrance

In 2017, the house of Armani decided to name these two new fragrances Because It’s You for women and Stronger With You. For once, let’s start with the men and take a closer look at the male version of this new duo.

The values ​​conveyed by Emporio Armani

For several decades, the Armani house has conveyed a certain image of Italian elegance. These products are all very refined. Nevertheless, some of these ranges, like Emporio Armani, are meant to be younger and more relaxed. Emporio Armani is available as much in the world of couture as in that of perfumery. His first duo of fragrances made its appearance in 1998. Since that day, feminine and masculine perfumes come together regularly to form mythical couples within this collection. Once again, Stronger With You and Because It’s You seem to have been created to give us a modern take on love and feelings. The Armani house explains that “Emporio is a brand that speaks the language of the present,

Stronger With You’s new recipe

To highlight these values ​​in the form of a perfume, the house of Armani called on the perfumer Cécile Matton. The latter chose to rework a very classic theme of men’s perfumery: the fern. This type of fragrance highlights aromatic flavors such as sage and cardamom. Moreover, these two ingredients are present at the heart of Stronger With You. They are accompanied first of all by the vegetal elegance and powdery of violet leaves. Pink pepper, for its part, underlines the impertinence of the Armani man with its spicy scents. Nevertheless, Stronger With You gradually softens and plays on contrasts ending with a base of chestnut and vanilla.

The prestige muses of Emporio Armani

Finally, regarding the imaging of this new perfume, the Armani brand called on a French producer and director named Fabien Constant. He has produced a series of three video clips featuring Armani’s two new muses: Italian actress and model Matilda Lutz will be responsible for embodying the feminine aspect of Because It’s You, while the nonchalant beauty of James Jagger, son of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, will represent all the masculinity of Stronger With You.

Released in 2017, “ Stronger With You ”is a surprising and magnetic masculine essence. As a tribute to contemporary couples, Armani imagined a young and casual olfactory couple “Stronger With You and Because of You”. Free to love and to seduce, both offer the image of a current couple. Laid-back, but nonetheless very masculine, “Stronger With You” displays his unashamed personality. Young and rebellious, authentic and contemporary, the Armani man does not play here, he gives himself up as he is. Love, respect and individuality are signed Cécile Matton.

Stronger With You, a magnetic modernity signed by perfumer Cécile Matton

She is the perfumer Cécile Matton, chosen by the house of Armani to create this ultra contemporary masculine fragrance. From her childhood in Zaire, Cécile Matton has retained the developed senses and the love of such special smells. Cécile Matton decided to study pharmacy, then chemistry, before coming to perfumery. When asked what her favorite smells are, she says “nutmeg, the smell of puppies, a synthetic smell called Orcanox, especially when combined with vanilla and the smell of drying clothes… “. Very contemporary, Cécile Matton loves sensual fragrances. Now a perfumer at Mane, Cécile Matton is at the origin of beautiful fragrances such as “Bonbon” by Viktor & amp; Rolf or even “Baby Doll” by Yves Saint Laurent.

Stronger With You, energetic and sensual scent notes

“Stronger With You” opens with tones that are, to say the least, impertinent which combine violet flower, cardamom and pink pepper. Also called “False pepper”, pink pepper is native to Reunion Island. Pink pepper has a fairly mild flavor, almost sweet at first, to become hot and tangy. Pink pepper goes perfectly with many dishes. In perfumery, the essence of pink pepper is obtained by steam distillation of ripe fruits. Then, the heart of “Stronger With You” is bursting with clary sage offering a powerful aromatic tone. Finally, the base of “Stronger With You” is enveloping and ultra gourmet, because it combines vanilla, chestnut and hazelnut. Native to tropical America, vanilla has long been called “the black pod”.

The Amazon rainforest is the arbiter of many vanilla lianas and some people even wear them as a necklace. Vanilla was reported in Martinique in 1724 and will be imported into France from 1812 thanks to a gardener named Milier. In 1925, Governor Merwart chose this vine to appear on the coat of arms of Reunion Island. Vanilla from Réunion will then be grouped together with that from the Comoros and Madagascar under the world label “Vanille Bourbon” from 1964. This label is the sign of very high quality. In solid glass, the bottle features ultra modern and designer lines. On the cork, we find the two rings, symbol of an eternal and powerful love.

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