Silver Musk Parfum Extrait

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Silver Musk Parfum Extrait is a fragrance by Nasomatto. The notes of this fragrance are

Silver Musk Parfum Extrait
Silver Musk Parfum Extrait


“The fragrance aims to evoke superhero magnetism.The result of a quest for mercurial liquid love sensation.” The Nose.
Silver Musk is a quintessential your-skin-but-better scent. There’s nothing about it that calls to mind flowers or forests or tropical breezes or anything but exactly what you’d want your flushed skin to smell like, fresh out of a shower. It’s subtle but not weak, a softly clean, gently warm scent that may seem easy to pull off in a perfume but is surprisingly tough. How do you create a perfume that smells like you’d want your skin to smell like without perfume? How do you make people think of freshly cleaned skin rather than the individual ingredients that make up a fragrance? The answers to these questions are all in Silver Musk. It’s a perfect skin musk that has a huge appeal due to its subtle, sensual nature. It never tries…it just is. Utter perfection, and if everyone smelled like this naturally, we’d be out of business.

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