Shazam! Eau de Parfum

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Shazam! Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by 4160 Tuesdays. The notes of this fragrance are Basil, tangerine, juniper berry, atlas cedar, pink pepper, cardamom, olibanum, amber, patchouli, cacao

Shazam! Eau de Parfum
Shazam! Eau de Parfum


Oriental fragrances, by their nature, tend to aim for excess: more spices, more notes, more complexity, all in the pursuit of creating the rich, exotic depth inherent to the genre. But 4160 Tuesdays has never been the type of line to indulge in over-seriousness and groupthink, so Shazam! isn’t your typical oriental- a tighter, more direct blend of indulgent amber, fresh spice, and surprising citrus and aromatics, Shazam! is both comfortingly rich and refreshingly direct- a true oriental for an oft-overwrought genre. Opening with juicy fresh tangerine and strikingly aromatic basil and juniper, Shazam! quickly warms up with a heart of rich woods, savory cardamom and smooth frankincense livened up with zesty pepper. As the incomparably gorgeous amber base develops, you realize that this is everything you love about oriental fragrance with none of the chaff. As the name suggests, Shazam! is fierce, striking and direct- a bolt of lightning to liven up a sometimes stodgy genre. We’re paying attention.

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Specification: Shazam! Eau de Parfum


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