Oudh Osmanthus Eau de Parfum

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Oudh Osmanthus Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Mona di Orio. The notes of this fragrance are Elimi Phillipines, Green Mandarin from Calabre, Petitgrain Paraguay, Patchouli Indonesia, Absolu Osmanthus China, Nagarmotha India, Cedarwood from Atlas, Essential Oil Oudh Laos, Musc, Amber Gris

Oudh Osmanthus Eau de Parfum
Oudh Osmanthus Eau de Parfum


A lot of different perfumes called Oud claim they contain real oud. But what is important to know and to understand about this phenomenon is that most of them contain a synthetic base which reproduces the scent of oud and not the essential oil of oud itself which is very different. Mme Mona di Orio has studied both of them and the aura, the intensity, the beauty, the depth of the natural one is so fantastic, so magical, so mysterious and complex compared to the synthetic one which is simply a nice woody, leathery, spicy base without any vibration or any mystery.
The first time Mme Di Orio smelt a sample of an oud essential oil, she was not at all convinced. There are many different qualities and origins, and as she was not seduced, she was not really interested to work with it. Last year her provider called her he just had received a new quality from Laos and this time when she smelt it, she was totally subjugated, intoxicated. Such an aura, such an essential oil, at this moment Mme Di Orio realized deeply why this product was so mystical, intimate and secret for thousands of years and through many religions in the world. Just to give an idea about its value: 18,000 Euro for one kilo– about half a kilo compared to the price of gold. She wanted to create something unique and thought about blending oud with somethimg rare and also precious, really different and unexpected like the absolute osmanthus from China. Created from a real oud essential oil, distilled by traditional hand methods in Laos; the source of oud is from a tree that has been replanted and cultivated under fair trade practices.
The enigmatic and much-prized essential oil of real Oudh from Laos radiates from the centre of Mona di Orio’s?Oud?? casting a mystical spell on the other notes and highlighting their beauty. This fragrance opens with notes of hesperides and spices like elemi, petitgrain and green mandarin, mingled in a seductive encounter. Like a love potion with a radiant sensuality, the Oudh reveals one by one its troubling facets, alternated between animal, leathery, woody or balsamic. They embrace in a passionate vibration to a shadowy patchouli, a mysterious nagarmotha, a cedar from Atlas and a grey amber, a spellbinding formula rich and headily. Absolu osmanthus, the carnal flower with its warm mesmeric charming hints of jasmin, honey and apricot tempers the forceful power of the Oudh by its gourmand nectar.
Please note: Oudh Osmanthus is the same fragrance formerly know as “Oud”.

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