Nymphaea Caerulea Extrait de Parfum

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Nymphaea Caerulea Extrait de Parfum is a fragrance by Regime des Fleurs. The notes of this fragrance are Egyptian blue lotus, Indian blue lotus, Hawaiian blue lotus, Sri Lankan blue lotus, Thai blue lotus, white ambergris, aurora reconstitution, Nile waterlily headspace, pandanus amaryllifolius, salty water, and the absolutes of 15 flowers.

Nymphaea Caerulea Extrait de Parfum
Nymphaea Caerulea Extrait de Parfum


An out of body experience, Nymphaea Caerulea dances on the skin with extremely rare hyper-purified extractions of the sacred blue waterlily. The extraction used in Nymphaea Caerulea was only produced once ever in the early 2000s in India.  The blossoms of two acre-sized ponds worth of Blue Waterlilies were carefully collected before sunrise when their scent was at its most potent. The blooms were then bathed with a special proprietary solution to gently dissolve the flowers and release the aromatic constituents without heat or pressure creating an extraction much like a traditional absolute but more “clear” in scent profile. This absolute was then refined further through a very careful low-heat hydro-distilation using only a copper and glass apparatus in the manner of the time-honored traditional attar-making process (but without the use of sandalwood oil), further removing plant particles, waxes, and pigments. The care and precision applied to the production of this material is unparalleled. The result is a natural aromatic material that is stunning and truly once in a lifetime.
Like the enchanting call of Sirens to chosen wayward ships, the mesmerizing base of Nymphaea Caerulea features an abundance of genuine white Ambergris, supported by celestial notes and shimmering accords composed of 80 ingredients: both precious naturals and intuitively selected aroma materials.
The touching salty-sweet opening of Nymphaea Caerulea is at once nostalgic, hopeful and altogether new. An uncanny lemony impression that bares no hint of tartness gives way to perfumed leaves and flower water. Constantly wavering between?deep blue?? and?emerald green, ?? ?air?? and?water, ???boldness?? and?gentleness, ?? the result is a symphonic aquamarine lullaby within a nebula. Among the many intriguing qualities of this perfume is that to some it recalls impressions of various unusual smells: freeze dried apple, toothpaste, glass cleaner… and yet there is an undeniable beauty and constant floralcy that dominates and mesmerizes the senses in the way that burying one’s whole face in a giant lotus blossom would. Shimmering salt crystals on unripened berries. Smokeless incensed altar. Waterfall. And finally, the haunting: the boldly lingering, vaguely caramel, oceanic ambergris. The truest scent of mermaid skin; A singing iridescent floral.
??Mysterious and beguiling… pulls you in, which is what a good fragrance should do…a winner.?? -Luca Turin, author of Perfumes: The Guide

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