L’Orpheline Eau de Parfum – …

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L’Orpheline Eau de Parfum – … is a fragrance by Serge Lutens. The notes of this fragrance are Aldehydes, cedar wood,  fougere accord, coumarin, clouds of ambergris, patchouli, incense, and Cashmeran

L’Orpheline Eau de Parfum – …
L’Orpheline Eau de Parfum – …


Serge Lutens wants to explore the mysterious places between the moon and the earth through contrasting elements of black, white, silver, and plush cream. His new L’orpheline begins with the night sky, pitch black from smoky incense, then pierced by the silver light of the moon’s sparkling aldehydes. Billowing clouds of myrrh add to the impression of crystal clear brightness, but they are also cool in the style of an Avignon incense fragrance.
The incense and aldehydes swirl, dance, and weave their way down to earth where they settle on a pillow of cashmere woods and delicately spiced warmth. Very quickly, L’orpheline transforms itself into the most addictive blend of smoky, woody cream. Clean musk, amber, and a hint of spices dust the soft woods, but the fleecy softness outweighs them all. In its drydown, L’orpheline is like an angora blanket that hugs your skin with comforting, delicate coziness, giving you a gentle caress of meditative incense and pillow-soft creaminess. L’orpheline’s transformation is complete.
L’orpheline is an Haute Concentration eau de parfum, but its elegant softness make it one of Uncle Serge’s more versatile creations. While it could easily be worn to work, we love to snuggle up to it after a long day at work. Its very serene drydown is a wonderful antidote to stress, or maybe we just really love creamy cashmere with incense.

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Specification: L’Orpheline Eau de Parfum – …


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