L’Innommable Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum

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L’Innommable Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum is a Oriental Spicy Perfume by Serge Lutens for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Benzoin. Middle notes are Benzoin. Base notes are Cumin.

L’Innommable Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum
L’Innommable Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum


L’Innommable perfume by perfumer Serge Luteus

A very creative but equally atypical character, he is unlike any other perfumer and is characterized by his always very rich and subtle fragrances, made from noble materials. The creations of Serge Lutens are always eagerly awaited and the month of June 2018 has something to make you happy … Serge Lutens presents a brand new essence called L’innommable.

Serge Lutens, an extraordinary creator imbued with nostalgia

Serge Lutens was born in the north of France, in the middle of the war. Separated very early from his mother, he retains a deep fragility. However, this allowed him to reveal his dreamy character very early on. If nothing predestined him to the world of perfumery, Serge Lutens knew how to develop an unusual sense of smell during his childhood spent in Morocco. Surrounded by spices, he understood very early on that for him it was a clear path. Serge Lutens now talks about perfume like no one else. “The perfume is at the center of us. It is through him that we manifest ourselves. It is our point on the I, a way of seeing and feeling ourselves. It is also a kind of weapon in which to seduce would be a consequence more than a will. The scent is in the first person. “The unnameable is inspired by

The spicy breath of The Unnamable

As always, Serge Lutens was very discreet and ambiguous about the composition of his perfume. Thus, he chose to reveal only two main ingredients of his recipe. The first is benzoin. It is a resin from a shrub, and releasing a warm, fruity, woody and vanilla flavor. Benzoin gives L’Innommable a gourmet character, revealing to us in certain aspects a scent close to that of caramel or cocoa butter. The whole thing also gains in impertinence in contact with cumin, the second main ingredient of The Unnamable. Typical of the Mediterranean basin, this spice takes us to the heart of Serge Lutens’ childhood. The cumin here turns out to be anise, animal and aromatic.

The unnamable by Serge Lutens offers a unique bottle

Finally, last change and not the least: The unnamable is offered a brand new bottle . While Serge Lutens had accustomed us to his iconic rectangle of transparent glass, he chose to transform m his bottle. The unnameable is presented in a sort of skyscraper of black opaque glass. Its bottle soars towards the sky with grace and elegance. For the little anecdote, know that this new design is directly inspired by the film Metropolis. The result is a dark and refined bottle, as Serge Lutens knows how to make them so well.

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