Lapis Philosophorum Eau de Parfum

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Lapis Philosophorum Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Olivier Durbano. The notes of this fragrance are Calamus, Juniper, Rum, White truffle, Grapefruit, Wine sediment, Oman frankincense, Mesquite, Ambergris, Menthol, Opoponax, Myrrh, Musk, Oak moss

Lapis Philosophorum Eau de Parfum
Lapis Philosophorum Eau de Parfum


Olivier Durbano’s mineral-based fragrances have always been a labor of love, an attempt to synthesize the physical properties of his chosen inspiration with their deeper symbolic significance. With Lapis Philosophorum, Olivier has for the first time focused on an element not found in nature- the mythical Philosopher’s Stone, legendary in the ancient world for its ability to change basic stone into gold- and the results are simply extraordinary.
Lapis opens with an enticing, wine-laden burst of sweetness that is quickly tempered by Olivier’s signature incense accord. Those familiar with Black Tourmaline will appreciate that warm, comforting embrace that keeps you sniffing for more. Truffle and menthol are unusual ingredients, and here they play out in a very subtle manner- truffle adds a creamy, ethereal element, while menthol, barely detectable, adds a liveliness to the composition that keeps it aloft. A rich base of opoponax, oakmoss and myrhh smooth the disparate edges while harkening to an ancient era where magic had yet to disappear from the world. Intoxicating, lively, and truly unique, Lapis Philosophorum is not so much a radical departure for Olivier Durbano, but rather the ultimate example of his ability to take unlikely ingredients and create pure magic.

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Specification: Lapis Philosophorum Eau de Parfum


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