Land of Warriors Eau de Parfum

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Land of Warriors Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by The Vagabond Prince. The notes of this fragrance are Angelique seed, violet leaf, cucumber accord, tomato leaf, blackcurrant leaf, oakwood, frankincense, davana, cistus absolute, saffron, nutmeg, oregano, castoreum absolute, ambergris accord, styrax, tar

Land of Warriors Eau de Parfum
Land of Warriors Eau de Parfum


In the storybook world of The Vagabond Prince, our heroes are classic archetypes: noble monarchs, comely damsels, and, in the case of Land of Warriors, honorable yet ferocious adventurers clad head to toe in that most rugged of all materials- leather. In fact, Bertrand Duchaufour has stunned us yet again with his inventiveness, gifting Land of Warriors with a unique vertical blend of leather accords that emerge across every stage of the fragrance, paying tribute to multiple facets of this versatile, powerful material.
We follow the leather in Land of Warriors through its impressively distinct phases, beginning with top notes of vegetal leather: violet leaf, cucumber accord and blackcurrant open fresh, tart and green. Before long, we encounter leather again, now in a more spicy, mineral state: syrupy davana and cistus absolute serve as a backdrop for oakwood, saffron and nutmeg, forming central notes that project with a refined but undeniable strength. As the more animalic facets of leather emerge in the form of castoreum, strength shares space with sensuality. Finally, the battle won, the warrior relaxes by the evening campfire, where the final smoky leather effect of styrax and tar swirls into an intoxicating base. A true gem of a leather scent, for warriors and modern-day heroes alike.

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