Labdanum 18 Perfume Oil

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Labdanum 18 Perfume Oil is a fragrance by Le Labo. The notes of this fragrance are Labdanum, tonka beans, vanilla, castoreum, patchouli.

Labdanum 18 Perfume Oil
Labdanum 18 Perfume Oil


Now captured in a Perfume Oil. Ideal for sensitive skin and people who love the hedonic gesture. A delicate but persistent smell. Small and convenient for traveling or purse. Use it on your pulse points, on your hair, your beard. The oil scent keeps close to the skin for a long lasting effect.
The most enigmatic and sensual and, unexpectedly, the most comforting in the Le Labo collection, Labdanum 18, composed by one of our favorite perfumers, Maurice Roucel, is a modern oriental masterpiece. With its golden spiciness, its sweet musk and the animal undertones of civet and castoreum, Labdanum 18 makes a statement… but makes it in a quiet voice, drawing those around closer to the wearer, making them eager to smell more. The drydown, which is softer than soft, a delicate, whispery blend of the finest leather, vanilla and musk, offers the comfort that only the most loving embrace can provide. Complex, always changing and dangerously addictive!
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Specification: Labdanum 18 Perfume Oil


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