Jasmin Perfume Oil

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Jasmin Perfume Oil is a fragrance by Bruno Acampora. The notes of this fragrance are Jasmine, Cyclamen, Cloves, Ylang Ylang


This captures that fleeting moment of jasmine in full bloom on a hot August night and magically makes it last and last. A thrillingly true jasmine scent ? there is an initital headiness to its breathtaking beauty that shocks the senses momentarily, before wrapping you in veil of ethereal lovliness. All the contrasts that make jasmine so mesmerizing are here: delicate, but sensuous; soft, but intoxicating. This melts into the skin in the most exquisite way, leaving you with an enchanting jasmine-scented aura that lets you pass through the world like a tropical breeze. We can’t imagine a better first date scent ? especially if you’re hoping for a second date.

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Specification: Jasmin Perfume Oil


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