Fauna Parfum

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Fauna Parfum is a fragrance by Regime des Fleurs. The notes of this fragrance are Laotian and Indian agarwoods, saffron, coffee blossom, sumac, grains and nuts, petitgrain bergamot, castoreum and ghostly notes of nightblooms and albino musk.


An enchanted oudh for creatures of the night, Fauna paints a picture of a nocturnal wonderland teeming with magical life radiating in the faint glow of the stars. Unleashed by the retirement of the waking world, creatures great and small embark on their nightly routine, their raw animalic odors softened by the ghostly night-blooming cereus, the greenness of the forest, a tantalizing vein of delicate spices that lingers in the atmosphere. Genuine Laotion and Indonesian agarwood extractions howl, and rich albino musk howls back. Don’t be frightened, though; Fauna is strong and complex and your eyes aren’t made to see in this kind of darkness, but if you remember your place in this wondrous kingdom, you’ll be just fine.

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