Eau de Yuzu Eau de Toilette

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Eau de Yuzu Eau de Toilette is a fragrance by PARFUMS DE NICOLAI. The notes of this fragrance are Yuzu, lemon leaf, juniper, grapefruit, gaiac, patchouli

Eau de Yuzu Eau de Toilette
Eau de Yuzu Eau de Toilette


An authentic Japanese garden glows with the harmony of natural beauty and expert craftsmanship. It is an all-too-rare demonstration of how human precision and effort can be used to augment nature, rather than replace it, and as a result it achieves a perfection that transcends the division between the manmade and the wild. Eau de Yuzu captures the purity of the morning sun illuminating a sublimely sculpted garden of native Japanese flora, with a vibrantly juicy citrus chord at the center. This is yuzu in all its delectable fullness, with a supplemental note of bright yellow grapefruit only deepening the tart, bright, gently sweet hesperidic character. Aromatic notes of juniper and lemon leaf further increase the naturalistic freshness, while the clean, smooth warmth of gaiac wood evokes the presence of minimal, immaculate woodwork giving form to the garden’s edges. And ultimately, a woodsy, earthy patchouli ties everything together, reminding us that the larger world around the garden is still ruled by nature first, and humankind second. Fresh, bright, meditative, and deeply plasurable, Eau de Yuzu is a masterful citrus scent.

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Specification: Eau de Yuzu Eau de Toilette


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