Eau de toilette Tome 2 L’Esprit Libre Zadig & Voltaire

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Eau de toilette Tome 2 L’Esprit Libre Zadig & Voltaire is a 2017 Floral Fruity Cologne by Zadig & Voltaire for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Pear. Middle notes are Iris, Green note. Base notes are Ambrette.

Eau de toilette Tome 2 L’Esprit Libre Zadig & Voltaire
Eau de toilette Tome 2 L’Esprit Libre Zadig & Voltaire


The Tome 2 perfume Zadig & Voltaire L’Esprit Libre

Volume 2 is called L’Esprit Libre and is an ode to adolescence. At the same time vegetal, floral and fruity, it brings to life on the skin a mystical and addictive breath. So, how about opening the first pages of her recipe to discover her androgynous breath?

The unisex fragrance L’Esprit Libre by Zadig & amp; Voltaire

L’Esprit Libre Tome 2 is a fragrance for both men and women. Thus, it does not go in the overbearing of floral flavors, nor in the excessive power of a woody trail. It is a perfect compromise between two universes and displays absolute harmony. It starts off with an olfactory note of pear. This fruit cannot be directly distilled. Thus, its scent is reproduced in the laboratory. Then, L’Esprit Libre Tome 2 reinforces its prestigious side by integrating iris into its composition. Know, moreover, that it is one of the most expensive materials of the entire palette of the perfumer. Indeed, iris requires three years of drying before distillations. Likewise, it takes about 1 ton to make just 2 kg of essential oil. So, Through this ingredient, L’Esprit Libre Tome 2 affirms its refinement while embellishing a powdery and floral flavor. A vegetal sensation also envelops his heart. Finally, L’Esprit Libre Tome 2 ends with a more animal breath of ambrette, a seed from the fruit of the Indian hibiscus.

Zadig & amp; Voltaire and its scented reading universe

In addition to its scent, know that the fragrance L’Esprit Libre Tome 2 reconnects with the world of reading. Indeed, the writing has always been very close to Zadig & amp; Voltaire, as the name of this brand can attest. Thierry Gillier, founder of Zadig & amp; Voltaire, is passionate about reading. What is more, he says he particularly appreciates the works of Voltaire and in particular “Zadig ou la destin”. So, when he decided to open a first multi-brand store in the 90s, he quite naturally called it Zadig. It was not until 1996, the date of the house’s first collection, that the brand took its current name: Zadig & amp; Voltaire.

The bottle of L’Esprit Libre Tome 2

As if to give a new nod to the world of reading, Zadig & amp; Voltaire has this time decided to present its new fragrance to us in a bottle similar to a book. It is thus contained in a cardboard case resembling an encyclopedia. Likewise, its bottle is fully tinted with a white color reminiscent of a writing page. Finally, its front face is decorated with a label whose presentation is similar to that of an insert in the dictionary.

Released in 2017, ” Tome 2, l’Esprit Libre “follows on from” Tome 1, la Purity “. It is also followed by Volume 3 “Being”. Mixed fragrance, the different volumes refer to reading, dear to the heart of Thierry Gillier, the creator of the brand. We must not forget that the name of the brand Zadig et Voltaire comes from this love for literature, “Zadig or destiny” being a novel by Voltaire. Both floral and vegetal, the composition of “Tome 2, l’Esprit Libre” is totally androgynous.

Volume 2, L’Esprit Libre, for the freedom of literature

If Volume 1 had purity as its theme, Volume 2 is a free spirit, but a literary spirit. If the founder of the brand had a great passion for literature, he particularly liked the works of Voltaire. Airy and tempting, “Tome 2, l’Esprit Libre” is a composition that hides its play well. As delicious as you want, it also displays a freshness that is both floral and vegetal. All of Zadig et Voltaire’s tomes have been developed to be androgynous perfumes. As much for women as for men, the scent of Volume 2 is a scent for free people.

< h2> Volume 2, The Free Spirit, deliciously powdery notes

“Tome 2, l’Esprit Libre” takes off on the juicy freshness of pear. Native to northern central Asia, the pear tree grew wild in a prehistoric state. Today, the main pear producers are China, Italy, the United States and Russia. The flesh of the pear is thin and sweet and the pear is best enjoyed from August to September. In addition to cooking, the pear is used for making drinks and brandy. In perfumery, the pear note is reproduced synthetically in the laboratory. The pear gives off sweet, fruity and sweet tones. Then, the heart of “Tome 2, l’Esprit Libre” evolves towards powdery and vegetal notes, thanks to the presence of iris and vegetal notes. Along with oud, iris is the most expensive ingredient in perfumery. The history of the iris begins long before the Christian era. The Greeks had the privilege of putting the sky in communication with the earth and the iris then borrowed the colors of the rainbow. The treatment of rhizomes, used in perfumery, is very delicate and its extraction process is long, which explains its price. Called the “blue gold” of perfumery, iris is cultivated in Grasse, like roses and jasmine. The iris is a majestic flower highly prized in perfumery. It gives off both green and powdery notes. Finally, the base offers a trail composed by a breath of ambrette, which gives the whole composition a musky, almost animal scent. The bottle is like inspired by a book. With a minimalist design, the bottle is entirely lacquered in white with a label written in black, evoking the cover of a book.

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