Eau de parfum A la Nuit Serge Lutens

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Eau de parfum A la Nuit Serge Lutens is a 2000 Floral Musky Green Perfume by Serge Lutens for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Christopher Sheldrake . Top notes are Green note. Middle notes are Jasmine. Base notes are White musks, Honey.

Eau de parfum A la Nuit Serge Lutens
Eau de parfum A la Nuit Serge Lutens


At Night: A green and light ode from Lutens to tender and powerful jasmine

Although its name calls for dark and mysterious forces, À la Nuit will turn out to be a magnificent and luminous flower where jasmine shows all its grace in its facets as green as they are sensual …

At Night, a new flowery fragrance from the very nocturnal Serge Lutens

In 2000, the success of the duo between perfumer artist Serge Lutens and his favorite nose Christopher Sheldrake is now fully established. Féminité du Bois in 1992, then Ambre sultan, Tubéreuse criminelle or even Moorish Leather are all powerful and divine fragrances that have plunged the public fond of unique works into the spicy and carnal world of Serge Lutens.

However, a “flowery” string to the artist’s scented bow is still missing. And it is indeed the precious At Night that will highlight one of Lutens’ first flowery accords. However, by its baptismal name one could more easily imagine the sparkling notes of benzoin, spices or animal life. Thanks to the juice of À la Nuit, we will discover that the floral strength does not exclude the sensual and amber or animal strength.

The Lutens magic operates once again by taking our curious noses for a walk on false tracks or contrasting paths. Because the man likes to create us perfumes and to tell us beautiful stories. So for this At Night, Lutens will make us dream again and travel through his Orient, a land of predilection, to embalm our senses with luminous jasmine. Of this precious jasmine which, according to Lutens, “is a sleepwalker capable of restoring the memory of the night. “.

Once is not customary, At Night, a green and flowery Lutens fragrance

In 2000, to the pretty signature square bottle from the brand new Lutens perfume house, the master added a color. Each perfume will thus have as its only sign of recognition a specific color of juice, and nothing else. At Night is thus adorned with wonderful orange and gold reflections to better intrigue us and make us dream.

By discovering what is hidden behind its beautiful colors, curiously the light floods. Green top notes blend with jasmine buds to give us a taste of a nature that opens to life. Then in the heart of spring of this perfume, jasmine offers us its full floral and intoxicating richness while adorning itself with a few cloves. The oriental depths finally come to sixteen once and for all of this flowery “night” to coat the flower, and the hearts, with white honey, benzoin and musk.

“He has only one idea in mind this jasmine: to whitewash at night!” It is by a silk ladder tha t this perfume climbs at night. At the top of her, it crackles like stars. On the skin, it electrifies. »Serge Lutens for À la Nuit.

À la Nuit offers us its flowery charms to send sparkling and powerful stars to perfume our sweetest dreams with light. If some still doubted a solar Lutens, At Night and its floral magic will allow skeptics to have no more doubts …

Released in 2000, “ A la Nuit ”is a captivating composition that plunges us into the meanders of the night. Located in the East, the fragrance “At the Night” depicts the image of a sensual and floral night. If “At Night” is a concentrate of jasmine, it nonetheless remains a disturbing scent of beauty and truth. Serge Lutens has chosen to integrate here several varieties of jasmine (India, Egypt, Morocco) in order to offer us the best of this flower. Heady and sensual, the fragrance is signed by Christopher Sheldrake.

With the perfume At Night, Christopher Seldrake pierces the secret of oriental nights

Born in India in 1955, Christopher Sheldrake arrived in England at the age of 7. After starting his career at the heart of the Charabot company, Christopher Sheldrake will join the Robertet company in Great Britain. From 1979 to 1982, Christopher Sheldrake worked with Chanel before spending 23 years with the Quest company. It was not until 2005 that Christopher Sheldrake returned to Chanel. He will work alongside Jacques Polge and occupy the position of Director of Development Research. It was in 1987 that Christopher Sheldrake met Serge Lutens. A special bond is then established between them and it is Christopher Sheldrake who composes the majority of Serge Lutens perfumes. We owe to Christopher Sheldrake magnificent fragrances such as “Ambre Sultan, Arabia, Féminité du bois” by Serge Lutens.

At Night, the beauty of jasmine by Serge Lutens

Here, Serge Lutens has associated jasmine from India, Egypt and Morocco. The composition therefore takes off quite naturally thanks to the jasmine which will assert itself here with green notes. Along with the rose, jasmine is the most widely used flower in perfumery. Jasmine is a climbing plant of which there are at least 200 varieties. Native to southwest China and the southern Himalayas, jasmine takes its name from the Arabic name “Yasmina”. Symbol of oriental beauty, jasmine is the emblematic flower of Tunisia. From the 17th century, jasmine has been cultivated in Grasse. It gives off a bewitching scent in the fields. In the language of flowers, jasmine is the symbol of ecstasy. Legend has it that Cleopatra joined Caesar in a boat laden with jasmine oil. In perfumery, we use sambac jasmine or grandiflorum jasmine. To obtain 1 kg of absolute, you need 700 kg of fresh flowers. The method used is that of extraction with volatile solvents. Jasmine gives off floral, green, fruity and powdery tones. Here, jasmine also invades the heart notes and combines with cloves which gives it more character and personality. Finally, the background of “A la Nuit” is extremely sensual, recalling, at the same time, the freshness and beauty of oriental nights. The base consists of white musks, benzoin and honey for a final touch of indulgence. Elegant and rectangular, the bottle is that of the Collection des Parfums de Serge Lutens.

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