Eau de Paille Perfume Serge Lutens

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Eau de Paille Perfume Serge Lutens is a 2016 Olfactory family: Perfume by Serge Lutens for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is . Top notes are Vetiver. Middle notes are Hay. Base notes are Incense.

Eau de Paille Perfume Serge Lutens
Eau de Paille Perfume Serge Lutens


Eau de Paille, when summer water sells us wheat fields!

Far from the usual fresh fruity or aquatic waters, with Eau de Paille Serge Lutens explores the summer and takes us to a sunny and rural nature.

Eau de Paille or the summer perfume proposed as a summer anti-perfume!

Whatever the trends, Serge Lutens has never hesitated to compose timeless olfactory works and major marketing trends to help us discover his poetic and dreamlike universe. With Serge Lutens perfumes, it is useless to look for pretenses or vague resemblances, each fragrance is a unique painting by the artist who is devoured by the nostrils and intoxicated by our imagination.

Thus was born the soft Eau de Paille in 2016. Far from its fruity, gourmet, watery counterparts, or all three at the same time, L’Eau de Paille does not resemble a classic summer water, nor a created Water. previously in this same pretty collection. Rather than taking us towards liquid waters, Lutens prefers dry water and the smell of the field that we have just harvested. Because Eau de Paille is made for “those who don’t like to get wet”!

As for the visual and the film that the artist designs, they will be dominated by the same blonde color as the fragrance . A rustic and dreamlike universe where the straw man becomes the face of perfume! From there to seeing an allegory which gently mocks the grandiloquent techniques of starification of luxury perfumery, perhaps? It’s up to everyone to interpret it in their own way. Because a Lutens fragrance is shared, but what it offers is intimate.

The blondness of the wheat to create a Serge Lutens des moissons

The bottle where the pretty harvested fragrance is offered does not differ from the three other eaux de Lutens previously offered (Glass Wool, Cold Water and Eau de Lutens). Only the label varies once again by offering us what we could perhaps see as a straw hat to frame its name? It’s up to everyone to interpret it in their own way, once again.

The architecture of Eau de Paille draws its rich structure from a scented composition that is both simple and very sophisticated. This pretty mixed fragrance opens with notes of vetiver, reminiscent of magnificent male scents. Then, gentle irony of the creator, an aquatic freshness carries our senses to better tame them before losing them in a mistral of incense and cereals infusing its warm and sensual air into this bucolic symphony.

If the raw materials do not offer the originality to which Lutens perfumes have accustomed us, the daring composition of these few select elements brilliantly sign this work. Eaux de Lutens do not seek to impress, nor do they seek to resemble their competitors but rather to exalt pure and natural perfumes without flashy luxury. Eau de Paille is told like a beautiful novel, a beautiful story in which lovers “would have gone to bed in a large field of wheat” and would have left …

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