Arabia Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum

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Arabia Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum is a 2000 Woody Fruity Musky Perfume by Serge Lutens for unisex. The perfumer artist behind this fragrance is Christopher Sheldrake . Top notes are Mandarin. Middle notes are Fig. Base notes are White musks, Cedar.

Arabia Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum
Arabia Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum


Arabia: Dreams of the Orient …

With Arabia, our noses are trapped by some oriental dishes to better propel us into the wonderfully wooded heights of Morocco so beloved by Lutens.

Arabia or the splendor of oriental cuisine with Lutens sauce !

How to describe this passion that Serge Lutens maintains with Morocco? By inhaling most of the Lutens perfumes. Because let’s be honest, all Lutens perfumes have, on scales of different proportions of course, a little something of the Orient, a sandalwood, a cedar, a flower like jasmine. And then of course, it suffices to dwell on the great successes of Lutens such as Rahät Loukoum, Cuir Mauresque, Bois Oriental or even Ambre Sultan (released almost simultaneously in Arabia) to understand that nothing will be able to separate this artist. scents of the Orient.

With Arabia, the trip is done just like Rahät Loukoum on a rather gastronomic mode. Like a Proust madeleine flavored with cumin and curry. But “the madeleine” wants to be much more than a banal oriental more on the stalls of classic perfumeries, thus “Arabia” is “Arab” before being oriental, quite simply because the force which it supposes goes further than ‘a banal aroma.

“Perfume in itself is not a subject. It is a whole set of things that it conveys. It cannot be isolated from the person, how she experiences it, how she feels it, what it reminds her of. This memory is a resonance. Everything resonates, emotions reproduce, whether we know it or not. »Said Serge Lutens for his Jeux de Peau with the good smell of hot bread.

For Arabia, there is no hot bread but sweet sunny fruits and spices which are crunched full nose to better feel the intensity of a rediscovered emotion.

Arabia or the creation of “a gourmet and generous gingerbread” according to Lutens

What could be better than a sublime bronze-colored fragrance to highlight this subtle cocktail of spices and oriental fruits that is Arabia? The beauty of the juice makes us glimpse the beauty of its wonderful scents …

From the top notes we are captivated by delicately tangy and sweet notes of a mandarin peel married for the best to brown dates and dried figs. The smoke then becomes balsamic and candied, one of the most beautiful effects given by Lutens perfumes.

The precious spices of this Orient enter this gastronomic scene in the form of cloves, nutmeg, cardamom and cumin while fusing the aromatic hint of bitterness of bay leaf. The gluttony and liquor of this addicting blend merges into intense woody depths of tonka bean and benzoin. The smoky sweetness of myrrh will exhale with grace in this deep trail punctuated by some sensual animalities of labdanum.

“Dried fruits, currants, dates, cashews and all that perfumes; a caravan which gets lost in the desert. »Serge Lutens for Arabia. With Arabia, there is only one desire: to get lost in the gastronomic and phantasmagorical desert of this brilliant Lutens!

Since Femininity of wood in , Serge Lutens and his perfumer Christopher Sheldrake have never ceased to intoxicate us with wonderful scents, original and powerful accords built with raw materials of absolute beauty and quality. Particularly in love with oriental lands, Serge Lutens likes to make us discover the Orient in a different way, such as with the majestic Ambre Sultan or the gourmand Arabia. Arabia is therefore not an oriental perfume but a perfume with the taste of the Orient, a major difference which symbolizes the spirit of Serge Lutens so well …

The splendors of the Orient dreamed of by Serge Lutens in a languid Arabia …

From the extraordinary Femininity of Wood and its revolutionary feminine woody accords, Serge Lutens and Christopher Sheldrake found their way. The poet and the perfumer will henceforth draw together unique and original perfumes in a world where everything is calm and sweet scented pleasures. Serge Lutens perfumes will be unlike any other, will sometimes be developed over many years, will not undergo virtually no commercial test. Serge Lutens perfumes are unique and that is why we love them so much.

So inevitably when the great Serge Lutens and his favorite perfumer embark on the creation of an oriental perfume, he does not has nothing in common with those in the current market. Ambre Sultan is certainly one of the most emblematic, but Arabia is worth it just as much by the totally original vision of the East that the master Lutens imposes.

“You smelled a perfume, it was a soup. You could smell the sexy woman or the woman who keeps records. For the man, it was Zorro’s panoply. With Ambre Sultan, I wanted to break Adam and Eve out of marketing. “& Nbsp; Serge Lutens

For Arabia, the requirements will be exactly the same. The man lives in Marrakech, it is therefore out of the question to limit oneself to a few woody opulences to signify an oriental fragrance: that would be offending his adopted land and its tastes and its warm colors so intoxicating.

The Arabia fragrance between woody depths, solar heat and candied delicacies

Arabia is therefore not a usual oriental fragrance, the better it would be closer to the scent of a bread burning spices than a current sensual oriental scent. All the scents of Arabia lead to the tastes and delights of the palate, all the agreements of dried and candied fruits take us with joy in the arid deserts that Serge Lutens sends us.

Arabia will open first with a two-part start: on one side, bay leaf and tangerine offer their beautiful vitality, where brown dates and dried figs are syrupy. At the heart will be the spices that will lead this dance of the sun where cardamom, nutmeg, cloves and cumin merge into a gourmet ballet. Then the gourmet but powerfully woody tonka bean will make the link between these spicy heat and the intense depths of Arabia. Benzoin and Labdanum will marry the better to let themselves be smothered by the mysterious presence of myrrh, we no longer know where we are but we know that we are there deliciously well …

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