03. Apr. 1968 Eau de Parfum

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03. Apr. 1968 Eau de Parfum is a fragrance by Rundholz Parfums. The notes of this fragrance are Lychee, heliotrope, incense

03. Apr. 1968 Eau de Parfum
03. Apr. 1968 Eau de Parfum


The ethereal properties of incense have inspired ritual and spiritual fascination in disparate cultures across the globe since the early beginnings of civilization. From the austere resins of Roman Catholic incense to the tartness of Indian Ayurvedic blends, it’s a material with endless facets but a single, deeply mystical, heart. This is the foundation upon which German designer Lenka Rundholz commissioned Rundholz 03. Apr. 1968, a fragrance intended not merely to capture a single aspect of incense, but to represent that most cherished substance in its totality.
The result, delivered masterfully by Arturetto Landi, is stunning: an utterly unique blend of incenses at once wise and playful, sexy and welcoming, with an individuality of spirit that immediately announces the wearer as one who would prefer to set trends rather than follow them. A juicy lychee note provides unexpected fruitiness at the top, making a bold, fashionable statement, while a heart of heliotrope gives a softly savory complexity to the heart. The incense, meanwhile, is the undeniable star of the show- every facet of this magical substance, from dry to rich to sultry, weaves in and out from one another to create a scent that continues to delight as it lingers on the skin for hours. As Rundholz has said, the moment-to-moment unpredictability is precisely the point- this gorgeous fragrance will manage to surprise you long after you’ve fallen in love with it.

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Specification: 03. Apr. 1968 Eau de Parfum


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