Chanel Le Rouge Jumbo Long Lasting Lip Color Pencil

CHANEL Le Rouge Colored Pencil
CHANEL Le Rouge Colored Pencil

Gabrielle Chanel opened her first boutique in 1910, rue Cambon in Paris. Success is quickly there and Gabrielle Chanel will open two other stores, in Deauville and Biarritz. Nicknamed Coco Chanel, the young designer breathes a breath of modernity into the style of the time. She launched the fashion for short hair and took part in the feminine revolution that was being played out, offering pants, black dresses and elegant clothes. Chanel fashion has always followed a simple concept, which oscillates between elegance and simplicity. Here, Chanel presents “Le Rouge Crayon de Color Jumbo Lèvres Longue”.

Chanel Chanel Le Rouge Jumbo Long Lasting Lip Color Pencil, all the benefits of a lipstick pencil

“Le Rouge Crayon Jumbo” is an easy-to-carry lipstick-pencil that applies in a single gesture. Its nomad jumbo pack allows you to put your red pencil in any circumstance. Its retractable lead simply twists to reveal satiny, ultra intense and ultra vivid colors. Its long-lasting formula is comfortable, and resists up to 4 hours after the first application. Its fine texture, composed of waxes and light oils, guarantees a smooth, homogeneous and slippery application. Its formula is also enriched with film-forming agents and has a high concentration of pure pigments, which ensures a long hold, really satiny and ultra colored.

Your new beauty gesture with the Chanel Rouge Jumbo Color Pencil for Long Lasting Lips

Twist to reveal the retractable lead of your Chanel pencil and then apply it in a single gesture. Use the tip of the lead to define the outline of your lips, and then color the rest of the lips with the flat part of the lead. You can also use your Chanel Jumbo pencil on your cheeks as a blush.

Chanel “Chanel Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur Jumbo Lèvres Longue” is a modern, easy-to-apply lip liner. Thanks to a unique formula, its colors are intense and brilliant, and its hold is exceptional.

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