Chanel and its new Eye Shadow Base

Chanel and its new Eye Shadow Base
Chanel and its new Eye Shadow Base

Chanel Eye Shadow Base, the secret to successful makeup

If we are to believe the advice of beauty professionals , a whole bunch of products are needed to sublimate your pretty face every day. Some of them may seem superfluous to you and it is sometimes possible to ignore them when you are in a hurry. On the other hand, other make-up articles do real wonders and you would be wrong to do without them… This is particularly the case with the make-up base. The latter improves the hold of your make-up while hiding your little flaws. Often intended for the entire face, the make-up base can also be designed for specific areas of your skin. This is the case with the Chanel Eye Shadow Base.

Usefulness of Chanel Eye Shadow Primer

Chanel Eye Shadow Base works exactly the same as a classic foundation. The latter has several roles at the same time. First of all, it creates a protective film on top of your eyes and thus prevents your makeup from being absorbed into your skin. In this way, your make-up lasts longer and does not lose any of its uniformity during the day. At the same time, the Eye Shadow Base smoothes your skin texture and tightens the pores on your skin surface. Thus, your epidermis appears sharper and your makeup adheres to it more. Finally, it hides all the small imperfections. As you will have understood, it is therefore an essential step to obtain a flawless result.

The many advantages of the Chanel Eye Shadow Base

The Eye Shadow Base unifies and smoothes your eyelid before applying your makeup. As a result, it accentuates the radiance and intensity of the color of your eye shadow. The latter appears more lively and is much more pigmented. The Eye Shadow Base therefore only amplifies the first quality of your make-up. Your powders now last up to 8 hours without touch-ups after application. Its gel texture remains very fresh and light. Thus, the Eye Shadow Base works true miracles without even being noticed. It does not weigh down your eyes and remains very comfortable.

The composition of the Eye Shadow Base

The Chanel Eye Shadow Base consists of soft focus powders that hide in the fine lines of your skin to fill them. Volatile and non-greasy oils create a protective film on the surface of your skin and smooth it. Elastomer transforms your powder eyeshadow into a uniform veil of homogeneous color. Finally, an absorbent powder prevents colored pigments from migrating into the folds of your eyelid.

Chanel Eye Shadow Base is applied just before your makeup, thanks to its foam applicator tip specifically designed for this area of ​​your skin. It then fades with your fingertips. Finally, you just have to let it dry for a few seconds to continue your make-up session like a pro!

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